NAML Mourns the Honorable Adam Shakoor, America's First Muslim Judge

(WASHINGTON, DC - 3/23/2022) The National Association of Muslim Lawyers (NAML) today mourns the passing of The Honorable Judge Adam Shakoor, the first Muslim ever appointed to serve as a judge in the United States. Inna lillahi was inna ilayhi Rajioon. Surely, we come from Allah and we will return to Him.

After a career spent in advocacy for marginalized communities, in 1980, he was appointed by Michigan Governor, William Miliken. An African-American Muslim, he spent his life in service to others, notably fighting and winning cases for the rights of Muslim inmates. After trying hundreds of cases during his time on the bench, he was appointed Deputy Mayor of the City of Detroit. Thereafter, he founded his own firm and went into private practice. One of his most notable clients was the legendary Rosa Parks.

NAML is saddened by the loss of this stalwart of our Muslim legal community and our nation. We urge you to read more about his lifetime of services. “His efforts opened doors that many of us are walking through today,” said Asad Rahman, NAML’s President.

NAML offers its sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Judge Shakoor. We pray that Allah, the Almighty, accepts all the good Brother Shakoor did and welcomes him to the highest ranks of the Heavens.

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